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THN Accountants aim to cater to small & medium businesses, startups and other incorporate or unincorporated business entities who need accounts and tax return by providing customised accountancy services. Our services are designed in a way that all our clients including local business owners and taxpaying parties get all the advantages they’re entitled to and gain the most perks offered by our services in a compelling deal. 

  • 10 Years Of Experience

    Our expertise and innovative ways to handle accountancy help us create a win-win situation

  • Defining Success

    Forming relationships that bring significant meaning to the growth of your businesses

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We ensure that all our clients receive quality services from our expertise in accountancy so as to aid in their financial division, making it work smoothly in a palpable manner. If you’re in need of help in any aspect regarding accountancy and taxing, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. We do not charge anything for all initial consultations and the rest of the work is provided on a fixed-charge basis discussed beforehand, so rest assured, you will only be charged for what you ask for. We believe in forming relationships that bring significant meaning to the growth of your businesses.

It is our goal to help diminish our clients’ burden by taking charge of all their bookkeeping, accountancy, tax, and compliance obligations so that the client can devote more time to developing their business. We apply our unique simplified conquer approach to solve all the matter and let the clients understand their business, finance and tax position. As part of our commitment to offering nothing but the best services, we assure our clients that they will not pay excess tax and take this responsibility seriously.

We Are Experts

THN Accountants also provide services for freelancers and contractors that are customised efficiently for their specific needs. Whether you work as freelance architect, locum doctors, IT contractors, management consultants, professional tutors, name any freelancing or contracting section, we’ve got you covered. 

Our expertise and innovative ways to handle accountancy help us create a win-win situation by offering:

Uncharged Tax Review
Ordered And Organized Paperwork
Paying Minimum Tax And Gaining Maximum Profit
Efficient Communication With Our Clients

Instant Responses To Phone Calls and emails
Quick And Customised Service Delivery
Compelling Deals On Fixed Prices
Flexible Appointment Timings

If you would like assistance in any of the areas mentioned above, then let’s begin. We inform you all you need to know about tax payments as well as businesses. If you find yourself with any other queries, then feel free to contact us.

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Our Services

  • Auto-Enrolment & Workplace Pension

    Every employer must carry out auto-enrolment of all the workers.

  • Agreement

    Business Start-Ups & Company Formation

    We can assist you in forming a company or a startup right from the registration process

  • Bookkeeping, VAT Returns & Payroll

    We keep track of all the bookkeeping, VAT returns, and payrolls

  • Sole Trader & Partnership Accounts & Personal Tax Returns

    We provide you with a skilled team to help in managing your tax returns

  • Year End Accounts & Corporation Tax

    With our competent team, we can help you in paying your Corporation tax.

  • Rental Accounts & Property Tax Planning

    We give you the finest advice and reduce the overall impact on your finances.

  • CIS Refunds

    If you’re a limited company subcontractor, we can help you in filing  your CIS refunds.

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Why Choose Our Firm

  • One

    Timeliness & Accurate

    We consider accuracy and timeliness seriously, and make sure all compliance and deadlines are met and also respond instantly to phone calls and emails from all existing and prospective clients.

  • Two

    Relationship & Satisfaction

    We understand all the problems our clients are facing and helping in solving them properly. We always focus on client satisfaction and long term relationship.

  • Three

    Competitive Prices & Flexibility

    With free initial consultations and fixed-charges discussed beforehand you get the best prices. Also we are flexible with appointment timings making it convenient for you. 

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Our Client's Reviews

When we had our first meeting, we had immediately a good impression. He was very calm and focus on listening about our issue.  Well I can say without any doubt, that was the right person for us, always very responsive. If I can give an advise, please have a chat with him, sure that you will be impressed by him.

  • Maurizio

     DIRECTOR, London Espresso Ltd

They have guided me in every step of the way, prepare all documents straight away and answered all my inquiries promptly. Also time is never an issue even you emailed or text him out of the office hours just to ask something. I am truly happy to the service they provide. Highly recommended!

  • Alijenn Cruz

    Massage Therapist

Using the service for a while now, very pleased with it. Efficient, responsible and caring, shall definitely recommend to others.

  • Dr. Zakia Wadud

    Rental Accounts & Tax Preparation

The accountant has done the job, as a professional, in a minimum of time.

  • Mitch Beke, Director

    Makedaa Dolls - ONLINE Dolls Retailer

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