Starting A New Company

THN Accountants provide aid in helping clients who wish to start their own company in the following manner:

  • Once you discuss what kind of ideas you have in mind for starting a new business, we can refer you to the best type of business structure that will be suitable for you.

  • Our experienced team can help you right from the registration process and walk you through every step.

  • After the company registration is complete, we can assist you in VAT and PAYE registration as well and opening up business bank account.

  • All the necessary documents and agreements will be delivered to you in soft copies.

  • If you are satisfied with this process, should you wish to continue accessing our services, we can assist you in taxing, accounting, creating financial plans, auditing, bookkeeping, business contracts and much more with compelling deals.

Switching To THN From Your Current Accountant.

If you do not feel content with your current accounting firm for any of the numerous possible reasons some of which are listed below:
  • Inaccurate Tax Calculation
  • Miscommunication
  • Dissatisfactory services
  • Over-charged services

Then worry not, we will come to your rescue.


THN Accountants provide support to all those entities who wish to switch from their current accountants to THN Accountants in the following manner:

If you haven’t yet left your current accountants, then we would need you to send a letter to them mentioning your intents and notify us regarding the same, so we can communicate with your accountants and get all your private documents and information from them and register you as our clients.

If you’ve already left your accountants, then you just need to get your documents from them and notify us regarding the same, so we can start fresh with your accounting.

You can explain all the problems you faced while working with your previous accountants and we will make sure that you never face them again and get satisfactory services from our team.

Let our experience be your guide

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